Faculty Technology Quick Start Guide

Follow these 7 steps to get started with the technology resources at Forsyth Tech

1stepFind Employee ID #

Each employee at Forsyth Tech is issued a Employee ID number.  Your seven digit Employee ID number is provided to you by HR during new employee orientation.

2stepFind TechID & Password

Each employee at Forsyth Tech  has a unique TechId (username) which is used to login to Blackboard, Email, Techlink, and many more services. Your immediate supervisor will receive your TechID Welcome Letter upon completion of the Employee Locator Form.


3stepSetup TechID Profile & Password Reset Profile

Before you can login to your email and other services, you will need to set up your TechID account profle and create a password.

button1To begin, visit the TechID Self-Service portal @ https://techid.forsythtech.edu

button2Select Setup Profile.

Setup Profile

button3Enter your TechID (techid@forsythtech.edu) and password. Note: Your initial password is located in your TechID Welcome Letter provided by your supervisor.

Sign in

button4You will be prompted to create a new password.

Create new password

button5Setup your password reset options. You must setup a minimum of two alternate reset methods.

Setup Profile

If you ever forget your password or need to change it, please visit the TechID Self-Service portal

4stepLogin to Techlink

Using Techlink gives you access to campus information, campus events, financial information, class schedule, email, and much more.

5stepLogin to Employee Email/Office 365

Employee's at Forsyth Tech have access to email through Office 365. Note: Login with your TechID and TechID Password.

There are multiple ways to access your email:


button1Access employee email through Outlook


Access employee email through Techlink @ http://techlink.forsythtech.edu


Access employee email directly @ http://techmail.forsythtech.edu .

Step 6Login to My Forsyth Tech

In My Forsyth Tech you can view your active class rosters, access your advisees, view your tax information, and manage your personal information.

Step 7Setup Voicemail

Learn how to use the Avaya phone and how to setup your voicemail account by viewing the "Avaya Telephone Guide"

Avaya Telephone Diagram