Project Management Office


What is the ITS Project Management Office (PMO)?

The ITS PMO is responsible for guidance, documentation, and metrics related to the management and implementation of projects within the ITS division.
The project managers in this department work with project stakeholders and ITS personnel to ensure that technology-related projects are delivered on schedule, within scope, and within budget.


What types of projects does the ITS PMO assist with?

The ITS PMO coordinates technology-related projects such as:

  • the selection of software to accommodate a business need,
  • integrations with Forsyth Tech systems (i.e. single sign-on through Forsyth Tech accounts),
  • the addition of new technology to classrooms, offices, conference rooms, etc. that is outside of the ITS Standard Technology List.


When do I request assistance from ITS on a project idea?

ITS must be involved with any decisions or planning that will ultimately require resources from the ITS division. If approved, these requests must be coordinated with existing projects and ITS availability.

Read through the steps below and submit an ITS Project Request prior to requesting funding for projects involving ITS. Otherwise, resources for your project may be denied. Please note that requests must be submitted no later than May 30 to be considered for the upcoming fiscal year.

After submitting this form, the information will be reviewed by Information Technology Services. You will be contacted within 10 business days regarding your request.


What are the steps to an ITS Project Request?

  1. Submit your request at ITS Project Request.
  2. You'll be contacted by an ITS team member to discuss your project request within 10 business days.
  3. Participants will include the project sponsor from the requesting department, as well as owners of the ITS resources likely needed for the project.
  4. The high-level discussion will cover topics such as project objectives, alternatives, feasibility, funding, and timing.
  5. Your project request will be reviewed by ITS senior management.
  6. If the request is feasible, the PMO will coordinate with you to discuss project specifics, outline budget and other resource needs to complete your project, and receive formal approval to begin.

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