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Self-Service – Launching this Summer!

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new self-service site for students and employees over the Summer 2016 semester!  The site will be a replacement for the WebAdvisor product that is used by the College.  WebAdvisor is a component of Techlink that gives students access to grades, registration, unofficial transcripts, advising information, and more.

You can easily see progress bars to indicate current and completed courses in your degree plan.  You can build a degree plan with co-requisite and pre-requisite warnings to make decisions on which courses you need to take in specific semesters.  Degree plans can also be shared with your Advisor so that you can receive feedback on your planned course of action.

Registering for classes is easy with the block-grid view, and can easily be printed or saved to PDF files for later.  The self-service site is built to be responsive and will adapt to any device you’re using, making the interface mobile friendly.

The new self-service application will be released over the Summer 2016 semester.  Watch for more information as we get closer to launch!