Services for Students

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Tech Support

Includes contact information, hours, and locations.

Technology Quick Start Guide

New student guide for getting started with the technology at Forsyth Tech.

Services for Employees

ITS Purchase Request

Complete this request to purchase new computers, tablets, peripherals, software, and more.

Computer Administrative Rights Request

Request administrative rights to a computer or computer lab.

Special Event/Meeting Setup

Request ITS assistance with technology for a special event or meeting.

Colleague Account Request

Request a new Colleague ERP system account.

VPN Access

Request a VPN account to access internal systems away from the secure network.

Equipment Checkout

Temporarily checkout a laptop or a mobile WiFi hot spot.

ITS Project Request

Submit a new ITS project request.

Shared Email Resource

Request new or changes to a department or shared email account.

Network Storage Request

Request a new network storage space for your department or work area.

Office 365 Group Request

Request a new Office 365 group for a collaboration space to use with classes, committees, departments, and more.

Office 365 Video Channel

Request a new Office 365 video channel to use with classes, committees, departments, and more.

Informer Reporting Account Request

Request a new account to access the Informer reporting system.

Techlink Site Request

Request a new Techlink site or a change to an existing one.

Website Change Request

Request an update to your webpage or the Forsyth Tech website.

Classroom Software Support (Coming Soon)

Manage the software needed for your classes in the upcoming semester.

ITS Equipment Move/Transfer (Coming Soon)

Request ITS equipment to be moved or transferred to another area. This includes office relocation and classroom relocation.

Training (Coming Soon)

Technology training, workshops, seminars, and tutorials.

Software Install (Coming Soon)

Includes no-cost software downloads for employees.