Students Technology Quick Start Guide

Follow these 5 steps to get started with the technology resources at Forsyth Tech

1stepFind Student ID #

Each student at Forsyth Tech is issued a Student ID number.  Your seven digit Student ID number can be located in the top right hand corner of your acceptance letter.


Acceptance Letter

2stepFind TechID

Each student at Forsyth Tech  has a unique TechId (username) which is used to login to Blackbaord, Student Email, Techlink, and many more services.

Your TechID can be determined using the following formula:

Last Name + First Initial of Your First Name
+ Day You Were Born
+ Last Two Digits of Your Student ID Number

Name: Michelle Student
Birthday: 05/23/81
Student ID: 5843229

TechID = studentm2329

3stepCreate TechID Account Profile & Password

Before you can login to your Student Email and other services, you will need to set up your TechID account profle and create a password.

You will need the following before you begin:

  1. Student ID # (Step 1 in this guide...)
  2. Birth Date
  3. Zip Code (The zip code used in your Forsyth Tech Application)

button1To begin, visit the TechID Self-Service portal @

The TechID Self-Service portal is used to manage your TechID Account. You can perform account maintenance such as password resets, unlock account, and manage passwords.

button2Enter your TechID and the characters from the image. Select OK.


button3Select Forgot My Password. You will be prompted for your Student ID #, birth date, and zip code.

Forgot My Password

button4Provide answers to all of the security questions except the questions about your Student ID, birth date and zip code (those answers have been provided for you).

Security Questions

button5Create a password.

Note: Please pay attention to the password requirements at the top of the page.

Set Password

4stepLogin to Techlink

Using Techlink gives you access to: Campus information, campus events, financial information, class schedule, student email, and much more.

You will need the following before you begin:

  1. TechID (Step 2 in this guide...)
  2. TechID password (Step 3 in this guide...)

5stepLogin to Student Email/Office 365

Students at Forsyth Tech have access to student email through Office 365. It is expected that students will check their email account regularly.

Note: Login with your TechID and TechID Password.

There are multiple ways to access your student email:


button1Access student email through Techlink

Student Email


button2Access student email directly @ .

Step 6Login to My Forsyth Tech

In My Forsyth Tech you can view your finance information, access financial aid data, plan your semester & much more!