Connecting to FT-WiFi On a Windows PC - Students and Staff

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1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the task bar.

WiFi Icon

2. Select FT-WiFi from the pop-up menu, and click Connect.

 list of available networks

3. Once connected, open a web browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, and try navigating to any site (example: You should be redirected to the network login page pictured below.         

Note: If you are not redirected to this page, try navigating to

Students and Staff link

4. Click the link for Students & Staff, and login with your TechID username and password.

login with TechID and password

5. Next, the Bradford Dissolvable Agent will download to your computer, and you can click to run it.

Bradford Agent downloads

6. The Bradford agent will scan your PC to make sure you have an active anti-virus. If the scan is successful, you can click Finish, and then verify that you are able to access the internet.

finished connecting

7. If the Bradford agent fails you likely don't have an anti-virus active. In that case, it's best to enable Windows Defender (click here for instructions). You can also install a free anti-virus software, like Avast, or Malwarebytes.  

If you still aren't able to connect, please come by our Walk-In Desk located on Main Campus in Allman Building, Room 106!

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