Connecting to FT-WiFi (Guests Without an Account)

Modified on: Tue, Apr 6, 2021 10:04 AM


1. Open the Wi-Fi connections on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other mobile device.

2. Select FT-WiFi from the list of available networks, and click Connect. Below are screenshots from an Android smartphone.

3. On a mobile device, you should be prompted to Sign-In to the Wi-Fi network once connected. Click the notification, or open your web browser or another app to continue. The Portal page should appear.

If you are connecting on a Windows laptop or Macbook, you may need to open a web browser window (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari), and try navigating to any website. The Portal page should appear.

4. On the Portal page, check the box to Accept the Terms of Service, then select Sign in with Text Message.

5. Fill out the form, entering your Name, Email, Mobile Carrier, and Mobile Number (Formatted with only digits, Example: 1234567891). At the bottom of this page, click Send Access Code.


6. You should quickly receive an access code by text, but it can take up to a few minutes. On the next page, enter your Access Code and click Sign In to connect.

If you are still having issues connecting, please come by our ITS Walk-In Desk located on Main Campus in Allman Building, Room 106.

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