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 Basic Information & Operation

Phone Number Prefixes

Phone numbers assigned to Forsyth Tech have one of two prefixes depending on the first number of the extension. If your extension begins with a 7, your prefix is 734 (example 734-7***). If your extension begins with a 3, your prefix is 757 (example 757-3***). Please be sure to include the correct prefix when giving your phone number to students or other outside parties.

Placing calls

  • Internal calls (extension to extension) are made by dialing the four-digit extension number without the prefix.
  • External local calls are placed by dialing 9 (to reach an outside line) and then the number including the 336 area code. If you have long distance privileges (see Long Distance section below), dial 9 + 1 + the desired number including the area code.

Voice Mail


  • To setup your voice mail, dial 7599 and follow the prompts. The default password for your extension will be 3612. Please change your password as soon as possible after you have set up your voice mail account. To change your password, press 5 then 4 and follow the prompts.
  • To access your voice mail, dial 7599 and enter your extension number + the # key then your password + the # key. (NOTE: If you are accessing voice mail from your own phone extension, you can simply press # when asked for your extension). You can also access your voice mail from any other outside phone (including your home or cell phone) by dialing 336.734.7599 and following the prompts. Please note that you will need to dial your four-digit extension when asked for it from outside phones.
  • If you enter an incorrect password three times, you will be locked out of the system. Please contact the ITS Support Center at x7395 to have your voice mail box unlocked.
  • Your extension has a limited amount of storage space for voice mail messages. Please delete old messages as soon as possible to free up your storage space. If your voice mail is full of old messages, you will not be able to receive any new messages.
  • To leave a message without talking to the person, dial 7596 and follow the prompts. This can be useful if you know that person you are calling is busy or out of the office, thereby avoiding the wait on all the rings and listening to their greeting.


We recommend creating a custom outgoing voice mail greeting. Instructions:

  • Dial 7599 and log in to your voice mail account.
  • Press 3 to administer your outgoing voice mail (personal) greetings.
  • Press 1 to create a new greeting, then press 1 to select greeting 1 and follow the prompts to record and activate the greeting for all calls.
  • Repeat this process to record up to 8 additional greetings as desired.

To activate a different greeting for when you are out of the office (vacation, off campus meetings, sick leave, etc.):

  • Dial 7599 and log in to your voice mail account.
  • Press 3 to administer your outgoing voice mail (personal) greetings.
  • Press 3 to activate a greeting, then press the number of the greeting you wish to activate. This greeting will automatically be activated for all calls.
  • Repeat this process to switch back to your original greeting once you return to your office.

Basic Features

Call forwarding

This feature forwards all your calls to another extension. This is useful when you want your calls forwarded to an extension where you will be working or where someone has been assigned to answer calls in your absence. Instructions:

  • Press *2
  • Dial the extension number where calls are to be sent; if successful you will hear 3 short beeps. The call will automatically hang up in 5 seconds.
  • To cancel call forwarding, press #2; if successful you will hear 3 short beeps. The call will automatically hang up in 5 seconds.

Send all calls to voice mail

This feature sends all your calls to voice mail when you do not wish to be interrupted. Instructions:

  • Press *9; if successful you will hear 3 short beeps. The call will automatically hang up in 5 seconds.
  • To cancel send all calls, press #9; if successful you will hear 3 short beeps. The call will automatically hang up in 5 seconds.

Call pickup

This feature allows you to answer a call at your telephone for another extension assigned to your pick up group. This feature is very convenient when you wish to answer a call for a team member or supervisor who is busy, absent, or otherwise unable to answer it. Instructions:

  • When you hear a telephone ring in your area, press #7 on your telephone and you will be connected to the incoming call.

Note: This feature is only available if you and the person who received the call have been assigned to the same pick up group by ITS Network Services. Please contact the ITS Support Center if you need assistance with adding nearby telephone extensions to your call pick up group.

Transfer a call

This feature allows you to transfer an incoming call on your assigned telephone to another extension. Instructions:

  • Answer the incoming call, or press the call/line appearance button for the call you wish to transfer.
  • Press the Transfer button.
  • Dial the extension of the person to whom you wish to transfer the call. Note: You can proceed immediately to the next step once the extension begins ringing, or you can wait for this person to answer and let them know the details about the call you are about to transfer.
  • Press the Transfer button again.

Note: College policy prohibits the use of this feature to transfer an existing call to a call that will incur long distance charges in order to allow others to bypass the Long Distance approval procedures. Please review the Long Distance section below for more information.

Conference call

This feature allows you to set up a conference call with up to (3) other parties. Instructions:

  • Call the first person you wish to include in the conference call.
  • Press the Conference button on the phone, then dial the number of the next person to be included in the call. Once that person answers, press the Conference button again.
  • Repeat these steps until everyone is connected to the conference call.
  • To drop the last person that was connected to the conference call, press the Drop button.

Policies and Procedures

Phone Maintenance Request

To request changes to your extension (voice mail options, adding long distance privileges, changing the type of phone, request a temporary phone set for a conference call, etc.), please submit a ticket at the ITS Support Services web site. Prior approval from your Dean/Director/VP is required before any action will be taken.

Long Distance

Long distance privileges must first be approved by Business Services before being activated on your extension. If this request is included on your support ticket, we will forward it to the Business Services office.
Personal long distance calls should only be made in the event of an emergency. Be advised that all calls made on the Forsyth Tech phone system are tracked by our call accounting system and reviewed on a monthly basis. Any costs related to non-emergency personal long distance calls must be reimbursed to Forsyth Tech. Please use your personal cell phone or calling card for making any non-emergency personal long distance calls using your extension.


Before a phone can be moved, a support ticket must be submitted. Please do not move your phone without prior approval from ITS. When moving, you will normally keep your current extension unless it was assigned for use by a specific program or department. Please do not connect your phone equipment to a different wall port in your office or workspace. Each port is programmed to accept only the equipment assigned to that location, and you run the risk of disabling all network access to your assigned office/workspace.

Scam Prevention

If you are contacted by a caller saying they are working for the phone company and need your help in checking the phone lines, do not dial any numbers or symbols for this person. Please hang up immediately then contact the ITS Support Center at x7395. Pressing a series of numbers on your keypad could allow hackers to use our phone system to make unauthorized long distance calls.

To report telephone problems or request training, please submit a support ticket or call the ITS Support Center at x7395 (336.734.7395) from your cell phone or another person’s extension.

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