[Faculty] Submit Final Grades

Modified on: Mon, Dec 6, 2021 8:29 AM

1. Sign in to MyForsythTech by visiting https://my.forsythtech.edu.

2. Select the Faculty tab. 

Faculty Tab

3. You will now see the Faculty Overview screen. You will see a listing of all courses being taught by you during the current term or the upcoming registration periods. Scroll until you are in the correct term and find the courses that you would like to submit grades for. Select the course name to proceed.

course overview

4. Once you are in the course section details there are 5 tabs available: Roster, Attendance, Grading, Books, and Permissions. Select Grading. 

section details

5. You will now see the grading Overview tab. Select the Final Grade tab to enter final grades.

grading tab

6. Enter the final grades. When finished, select the Post Grades button to submit.

7. Select the Overview tab to verify the grades were saved.

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