Entering Web Attendance

Modified on: Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 7:49 PM

1. Log in to TechLink by visiting https://techlink.forsythtech.edu/.

2. Scroll down the page and on the right side you should see the Web Advisor Menu. Click WEBADVISOR FOR FACULTY > Faculty/Advising Info ...


Then click Web Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking.

Attendance Tracking

3. On the Attendance Tracking Screen, in the Form Start Date box, enter in the first day of the semester (8/18/17 in this example). Then click on the radio button beside your class, and click submit to continue.

Course Selection

4. Now enter in the 'E's' for the first day the student was present for the class. The only things you need to enter for an ONLINE class is E for the first day they completed the Course Entry Assignment (CEA), or if the student does not complete the CEA you will need to check the No Show checkbox.

Next, Check the box that says "I hereby certify that I am submitting this attendance information...", then click Submit.

Note: Do NOT check the lower box that says "This is my final submission...". If this box is checked and you click Submit, then you will need to contact your Staff Associate in order to reopen the attendance for the course.

Attendance Entry

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