Can I download all assignments at once?

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  • Can I download all assignments at once? 
  • How do I download all assignments at once? 


  • After students submit documents to an assignment their submissions can be downloaded for offline review instead of reviewing them online in the Grade Center. Choose to download all or just selected student documents as a single .zip file. Unzip or expand the file to view the contents, where each submission is saved as a separate file. 

  1. In the Grade Center, locate the column for the assignment you want to download. 
  2. Access the assignment column's contextual menu and select Assignment File Download. 
  3. On the Download Assignment page, select the student submissions to download, or select the check box in the header bar to choose all available submissions. 
  4. Click Submit. 
  5. On the next Download Assignment page, click the Download assignments now link. A pop-up window displays to prompt you for instructions on what to do with the file. 
  6. In the pop-up window, select Save File and click OK. 
  7. Browse to the location where you want to download the file, and then click Save. 
  8. To return to the Grade Center, click OK on the Download Assignment page. 

  • When using the Assignment File Download function, user names are included automatically in the file names for easy identification. However, files downloaded one by one from the Grade Assignment page will not include the user names. To avoid confusion, you may want to instruct students to use a detailed file name that includes their last name or their user name when submitting assignments.

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