[Faculty] Register or drop a class for a student

Modified on: Mon, May 4, 2020 12:50 PM

1.Sign in to MyForsythTech – https://my.forsythtech.edu

2.Select the Advising tab

Advising tab

3.Search for the student by name or ID number.


4.Select the correct user from the search results.

5.On the “Course Plan” tab, select Calendar.

Course Plan

6.Here you will see any courses a student has already registered for or added to their plan.


7.To drop a student from a course, select the Drop button beside the course. Note: The Drop button will not be visible unless you are on the Calendar view. See step 5 above.

8.To add a new course, select the Course Catalog tab and search for the correct course.

9.Once you find the correct course, select the appropriate section and “Add Section to Schedule

10.Then select the Register button for the section.

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