Accessing AWS Appstream

Modified on: Thu, May 28, 2020 10:55 AM

1. Sign into Blackbaord, and navigate to your course that is AWS Appstream accessible. A Student or an Instructor can identify if their course is AWS Appstream accessible if an AWS Appstream item is in your course menu list as noted in Fig.1. Select your course’s AWS Appstream from the course menu of the left of the webpage.

2.Select the BOLD and underlined hyperlink, as noted in Fig.2, located in the middle of your webpage to launch a new tab in your web browser


3. When the web browser tab loads, choose from a list of applications available to your course, as noted in Fig.3.

4. By selecting an application, you have reserved your session. Please wait for your session to load, which will be noted by a countdown, as noted in Fig.4.

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