Setup AWS Appstream OneDrive Access

Modified on: Fri, Sep 17, 2021 3:34 PM

1. Select the AWS Appstream Link in your Blackboard Course and select either a Single Application or Desktop to launch your AWS session, as noted in Fig. A

2. Once the session has launched, note the icons near the top left-hand side of the Web Browser, as noted in Fig. B

3. Select the folder icon, as noted in Fig.1, which is located within the grouping of icons noted in the previous step.

4. When the “My Files” panel appears, select “Add Storage”, as noted in Fig.2.

5. Select “” from the drop-down menu, as noted in Fig.3, and Sign in with your TechID and Password, as noted in Fig.4.

6. Now when you select the folder icon, an “OneDrive” folder will appear, as noted in Fig.5. OneDrive access will allow you to access files from within AWS Appstream or from Techlink.

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