How to add Forsyth Tech Email to Samsung Phone Generic Email App

Modified on: Tue, Jul 21, 2020 10:31 AM

Step 1: Open Samsung Email App 

Step 2:  Select Office365

Step 3: Enter your TechID with the

Step 4: Select Work or School Account

Step 5: Forsyth Tech redirect login page should appear. Enter TechID Password

Step 6: Select Apply

Step 7: Uncheck Sync Contacts to avoid syncing personal contact information stored in your phone to the application and optional uncheck Sync Calendars to avoid syncing calendar reminders to the generic calendar app. 

Step 8: Select Activate

Step 9:  Optional, rename the email account

Step 10:  Select Done and the Forsyth Tech email will begin to download and sync to your device

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