AWS Workspaces

Modified on: Thu, May 20, 2021 4:19 PM

Accessing AWS Workspaces

Follow the steps below to quickly get up and running with your WorkSpace:

 1. Download and install a WorkSpaces Client for your favorite devices: **Skip this step in the classroom as Amazon WorkSpaces Client is already installed**


 2. Launch the client and enter the following registration code: SLiad+XR2QWV


 3. Login with your TechID & password.


4. Wait for your session to launch. This process should take 2 – 5 minutes.



Unable to Login error

Occasionally during you’re the startup you may receive the “Unable to Login” message. Please wait the full 5 minutes for the Workspace to boot and then attempt to login again. 

If you receive the same error "Unable to login" again, try the following:

    1. Select "Amazon Workspaces" at the top left of the Workspaces Client

    2. Select "Restart Workspace..." and wait for restart to complete.

If you receive the same error after the restart please submit a helpdesk ticket for assistance by visiting Support : ITS Support Center (


AutoStopFree tier eligible

WorkSpaces starts automatically when you log in, and stops when no longer being used. When possible, AutoStop snapshots the desktop state to the root volume of the WorkSpace. When a user next logs in, their WorkSpace resumes its previous state, including the state of programs and documents. The AutoStop Time is 1 Hour

One workspace per TechID

Only one Workspace can be assigned per TechID. Workspace's are created with the software necessary for several courses. You'll use the same Workspace for multiple courses during the semester.

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