Map Shared OneDrive Library to Windows

Modified on: Mon, Feb 1, 2021 10:21 PM

If you are part of an Office 365 group with a shared OneDrive, you can map it to your computer similar to how your work account OneDrive is setup. It will appear in the left-hand menu of your file explorer allowing for easy collaboration. 

Preliminary: Make sure you have access to the Office 365 group. If you do not, you will need to ask the group owner to add you.

 1.     Go to and look on the left-hand pane for “Shared Libraries.”

2.    Click the library you would like to map to your computer, in this example we will select “ITSSC.” On the next screen you will want to select the “Documents” folder.


3.    In this folder, you should see the options for “New”, “Upload”, “Flow”, and “Sync”. We will want to Sync this library.

This should attempt to Launch Microsoft OneDrive. Select “Open Link”. 

4.    A OneDrive prompt menu should pop up asking what files/folders you would like to sync. Select the ones applicable to your needs, or select all of them. Then select “Start Sync”.

5.    After you start the sync, the folder will now appear in your file explorer as seen below. The buildings distuingish it from your account’s OneDrive.

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