Transferring multifactor authentication to a new device

Modified on: Thu, Apr 8, 2021 5:48 PM

If you have gotten a new phone and have the MFA app setup, you will likely need to re-register your account with your new device.

If you have the same number:

1.    Go to, you will be prompted for MFA, if you have the same number you can select "Sign in another way."

2.    Then select your phone number:

3.    Once you're in, delete the old authenticator app by clicking "Delete", then click Setup Authenticator app". Proceed with setting up the app as seen in this knowledge base article.

If both your device and phone number have changed:

If you have added an alternate form of authentication, such as an alternate number or office number, then you can proceed with the steps above. If you have no access to an alternative number, you will need to contact ITS at (866) 517-3567 or by visiting Allman 106 on main campus.

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