[Faculty] Completing the Class Roster Verification Agreement

Modified on: Thu, Dec 16, 2021 8:17 AM

Purpose               To electronically sign attendance rosters each semester


Start                     2 weeks from the end of the semester


Materials             Computer, Internet access, MyForsythTech access


  1. Log into Techlink and Navigate to MyForsythTech

Screenshot of upper left-hand corner of the Techlink page with Techlink (Employee) link circled in red

  • Click on myForsythTech under Quick Links

Screenshot of Techlink page with myForsythTech link circled in red


  1. Complete the Class Roster Verification Report Agreement
    • Click your profile at the top of the

Screenshot of upper right-hand corner of myForsythTech page with my profile link circled in red

  • Click Required Agreements

Screenshot of drop down menu under my profile with required agreements link circled in red

  • Click View

screenshot of required agreements with the view link next to class roster verification report circled in red

  • Click Accept

screenshot of the class roster verification report dialog box with the accept button highlighted in blue

IMPORTANT: Do NOT accept this agreement until after the last census date for classes that you teach.  You will accept the agreement only once per semester regardless of the number of classes you teach. Example:  If you teach a 15-week section, a 1st 7.5-week section, and a 2nd 7.5-week section, then you must not accept the agreement until after the census date for your 2nd 7.5-week section has passed.



Results:               Instructors have electronically signed their attendance and grade rosters in Self-Service.        






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