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To learn more about the technology in your classroom please look below. This KB guide is full of links to videos, manuals, and instructions on how to leverage the technologies and enhance your classroom experience.

Multi-Modal Training Video Series

  1. Introduction to Multi-Modal Learning
  2. Introduction to Multi-Modal Classroom Technology 
  3. Multi-Modal Classroom Technology: Using the Newline Interactive Display
  4. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Student Responsibilities and Expectations
  5. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Tips for Success 
  6. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Utilizing Break-Out Rooms
  7. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Enhancing Student Engagement
  8. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Blackboard & Echo 360
  9. Teaching in a Multi-Modal Classroom: Forsyth Tech Specific Data/Anecdotal


Technology Guides

Newline Interactive Touch Screen Display

Instructional Videos (full playlist on YouTube)

  1. Powering on the Display 
  2. Left and Right Clicking 
  3. Using the On-Screen Keyboard 
  4. Using the Embedded Whiteboard 
  5. Annotations and Screenshots
  6. Saving Screenshots to a USB Drive
  7. Using Microsoft Office with the Newline
  8. Using Windows Ink Workspace
  9. Wireless Casting to the Newline 

Manuals and Guides

Logitech MeetUp Camera

Aver PTZ Camera

Ceiling Mounted Microphone

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