Room Approvers - Schedule a room/event

Modified on: Wed, Feb 9, 2022 9:55 AM

This guide is for designated room/site approvers to manually schedule a room/event in Astra.

1. Log into Astra

Screenshot of Astra homepage with Sign In circled in red

  • Log in with your TechID and password

Note: Astra only allows one attempt to log in.   If you mistype your TechID or password, then you will need to unlock your Tech ID account by going to and clicking Unlock Account before attempting to log into Astra again.


2. Navigate to the Correct Date and Campus/Building/Room on the Scheduling Grid

  • Click Calendars
  • Click Scheduling Grids

Calendars menu with Scheduling Grids circled in red

Note: If you are using Google Chrome and the Scheduling Grid is completely blank, then delete cookies for Astra or switch to Mozilla Firefox.



  • Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to filter the grid 

Magnifying Glass icon circled in red

Note: Use Location Filters to narrow your grid view down to a specific campus, building, room, etc.

  • Click Search after selecting your filter options
  • Change the date as needed
  • Click in the Scheduling Grid in the room row and start time column you need

Search button circled in red

Date button circled in red

Note: Create Event dialog box will pop up

Blank Create Event dialog box


  • Fill out the Create Event form with your event details

Create Event dialog box filled out with event information

  • Click Save
  • Review Scheduling Grid to confirm that event was added to the correct room on the correct day and is for the correct length of time

Screenshot of Scheduling Grid showing event added via Create Event dialog box; the event, its start/end time, its room, and its date are circled in red showing the items that need to be reviewed for accuracy

Note: If anything is incorrect with your event, then hover over the event in the Scheduling Grid and click on View Event Details to make changes as needed.                  


Results:            Event/room reservation has been added via the Scheduling Grid in Astra 

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