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IT is pleased to launch our new information hub.  There are many ways to contact Information Systems, including email, help desk (web and phone), Techlink, or just stopping your favorite technician in the halls.  Even with all of these avenues, we found that in most cases it was not a simple task attempting to determine the best route to obtain help when it is needed.  This is why our support hub was created.

No matter your relationship with the College, we want to strive to provide a single, one-stop location in which our users can go for assistance with technology at Forsyth Tech.  Our integrated site search incorporates several different databases so that you can quickly locate the help topic that pertains to your situation.  If you still cannot locate what you need on our site, you can easily open a support case within the hub, and a technician will reach out to you as soon as possible (during normal operating hours).

We’re also excited about the opportunity to provide up-to-date system status, connectivity to our social media outlets for tips and tricks, and a look at upcoming training opportunities.  This window into IT at Forsyth Tech provides an exhaustive list of the services that we provide our campus, in addition to some of the projects that we’re currently executing.

This is only the beginning … there is a lot of content and information that we are still building to place on the site.  Stay tuned for future additions!