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Modified on: Mon, Mar 16, 2020 5:49 PM

Whether a campus closure is the result of inclement weather or an emergency situation, employees must be able to carry out work activities online until normal campus operations resume.

This page is designed to help Forsyth Tech employees prepare for working remotely if the campus is closed for any reason.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office provides the college with a wide range of project, time, and work management applications that we use on campus. These same applications support remote work as well. Applications include:

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking (and sharing) application. This application allows you to create documentation, meeting notes, and more to share with your team. Click here to learn more.

File Sharing

Forsyth Tech provides several tools for online document sharing and collaboration, including Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 Groups.

Microsoft OneDrive provides file storage that syncs across all of your devices. Click here to get started.

Microsoft Office 365 Groups provides a group environment with file storage, email inbox, shared calendar, and more to collaborate with your group/team/department. Click here to request an Office 365 group for your area.

Phone Service

Call Forwarding - Desk phone service may be forwarded to alternative numbers to accommodate working remotely. Click here for instructions.

Accessing Voicemail Off-campus You can access your voicemail off-campus by using any of the following methods:

  • (New Fortinet Phone System) Phone portal - https://voice.forsythtech.edu . Click here for instructions.
  • (New Fortinet Phone System) Dial remotely - 336-734-7399; press *98#; enter extension number; enter voicemail password.
  • (Older Avaya Phone System) Dial remotely - 336-734-7599; enter extension number; enter voicemail password.


Microsoft Teams is an instant messaging, videoconferencing, and team collaboration application. This application allows you to instant message all Forsyth Tech employees and students. You can also create Teams using Office 365 groups for your department/team collaboration needs. View more

Microsoft Skype for Business is an instant messaging and videoconferencing application. This application allows you to instant message all Forsyth Tech employees and students. View more

Technical Support

The ITS Support Center can be reached in the following ways for technical support:

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